Appalachian Trail, 80 Miles, Max Patch – Hot Springs: How to

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An 80-mile shakedown hike in preparation for my Appalachian Trail thru-hike in 2018. Base weight=12.5. Most of my hiking done in Luna Mono Gordo 2.0 sandals (yes, I was surprised too!).

My route: from the Big Creek Ranger Station in the Great Smoky Mountains National Park, up Chestnut Branch Trail to the Appalachian Trail, then north past Snowbird Peak, Bluff Mountain, and Max Patch to Hot Spring, NC. That was 40 miles. Then I turned around and walked back to my car for a total mileage of 80 miles.

Gear changes that brought my base weight down to 12.5 pounds: a new sleeping bag (actually, a quilt), a new lighter umbrella, plus discarding many of my usual items, such as my inflatable sleeping pad. Still comfortable, so I judge the trip a success!


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Filmed with an iPhone 6S (using the app Filmic Pro); edited on an iPhone 6S with LumaFusion Pro. The video was shot at 24 fps.

I can’t say I’m happy with the quality of the video, as I struggle with some of the iPhone 6S’s weaknesses with dynamic range and stabilization. It’s hard for me to keep my face at the correct exposure without washing out the background. Still working on it!! If you have suggestions, let me know! (A newer iPhone might help, lol).



I produced the music for this video myself.

Note: Some of the music I compose and produce is available for others to use for free, and my music has appeared in more than 3,000+ other videos with a combined millions of views. (There were 150 new videos using my music in just the 5 days I was on this hike!) Some examples are in a playlist on my channel titled “Videos Featuring My Original Music.” Please take a look here:

I also have a (new) YouTube channel for my music — please subscribe!

More about my music: You can listen to my music on Spotify, Apple Music, and Google Play, or buy it at iTunes or Amazon. You can also download much of it for free from SoundCloud.

The songs I write and share on SoundCloud () are published under a Creative Commons license. These songs are free to download and available to use in YouTube videos. You can both use them for free AND monetize your videos for your own profit, as long as you credit me in your video description.

If you want to use one of my songs in a video, please see the information at Evan Schaeffer Music, . Or listen at Spotify or Apple Music!

Email me with any questions!

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Appalachian Trail, 80 Miles, Max Patch – Hot Springs: How to
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Appalachian Trail, 80 Miles, Max Patch – Hot Springs: How to

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